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Teachings by David Jones

The Restoration and the Gifts of the Spirit

Restoration, what does it mean and is it necessary? When we understand that over time thoughts, ideas, and perceptions change it will reveal a need to search out how something was originally viewed. I feel this is especially true when we approach Scripture. We change, Scripture does not. The question that should be asked is “which direction are we going in?” In many ways, we cannot go forward until we establish a solid starting point. The further we get away from the starting point, the more the need is to return to the beginning. It is with this thought that this work was written.

Many have removed themselves from the gifts of the Ruach (Spirit) because of misconceptions, or actions that may be viewed as unscrupulous or unscriptural. This book will show you how the Ruach moved throughout the entirety of Scripture following into how this affects our lives today.

BOOK $20

The Gospel According to Avraham

Is this possible? Did Abraham have a shadow of the Gospel? Galatians 3:8 says “And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed.” If the Gospel was declared to Abraham, what was it? Does this have any impact on our faith today? Can we gain a deeper understanding of what Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) did for us by understanding what was declared to Abraham? What if I’m not Jewish, does this have any relevance for me? 

All of these questions and more will be answered in this amazing teaching.

Learn more about this teaching on Youtube.

DVD $19.95

The King Invites You to His Table

When you think of building a relationship with someone, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most of us, somewhere near the top of the list is “spending time with someone” and “getting to know someone.” It is no different in the relationship we have with our heavenly Father. Our heavenly Father desires to spend time with His people. We know that we can all have a personal close relationship with our Father in Yeshua, our Messiah. It is a necessity of our faith to pray continually and to study the living Word of YHWH. As we examine the Word we will see that not only can we come to the King any and every day, but there are times and seasons in our walk that have been fore-ordained by the Father to reveal certain things at specific times. Our heavenly Father has chosen to lay out certain times and seasons with His people for the purpose of drawing them closer and empowering them to live an overcoming life here on Earth. We have been given appointments with the King of kings and LORD of Lords. In these appointments, we find strength in our LORD and grow in our faith. May we continue to grow in the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that can only come from our heavenly Father, through Yeshua our Messiah, by His Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).

Book $17.95


Do you feel like you’re in a famine? Are you hungry for more in your life but it feels just out of reach? Do you feel that you’ve done all that you can do and it’s still not enough? The Father says that if we seek Him, we will find Him. He will not forsake those who seek Him. Psalms 9:10 And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you. His promises are still relevant today! The Father is calling us into a deeper more intimate walk with Him. Learn how to walk in the path of blessing during a spiritual famine. THERE IS AN ANSWER!

Book $12.95

A Song In My Heart

In this teaching we explore the Nigun. This is a song or melody that is brought forth from within you. Have you ever “caught” yourself singing? What about Whistling or humming? Is there something about a song that bypasses our rational thought and just flows freely?

CD $9.95

The Carnal Mind

In this teaching we will define and compare the carnal mind vs. walking in the Ruach. Do we think that “walking in the Spirit” is an abstract or maybe even “mystical” experience? In this teaching we will look at how we approach our daily life in the context of walking with our heavenly Father. We will also examine why He gave us His Ruach.

CD $9.95

What Is Ruach?

In this teaching we define the term Ruach and look at the reason Yeshua said that the Comforter would come. It might not be what you think.

CD $9.95

The Fruit of the Spirit

In this teaching we look at the fruit of the Ruach, as found in the TORAH. The fruit of a personal walk with the creator did not suddenly show up 2000 years ago. We examine the fruit of the Ruach and show examples from Torah of those who lived a life of good fruit.

CD $9.95

Prophets, Prophecy & Prophesying

In this teaching we explore the role of a prophet through Scripture. We also explain what it means to prophesy and speak prophetically. Because this is a controversial subject we also address discernment and the scriptural test for a prophet.

CD $9.95

Speaking Prophetically

What did Moshe mean when he said “would God that all the LORD'S people were prophets, and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them” Does the Father desire us to speak prophetically? The big question is, has this been portrayed properly in modern times? We will define these terms and look at their application in this teaching.

CD $9.95

The Affects of the Ruach

When we read in Scripture that the Ruach “moved” we see that there are results of that action. In this teaching we look at various people in Scripture and see what the testimony of the Ruach moving with them was.

CD $9.95
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